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Who Am I

I'm known as nix. I am an educator and anarchist that believes in a community of mutual aid and support without hierarchy or control. I'm trying to be a better advocate for the causes I care about, and embody the way of living I wish to see in others.

Things I'm Involved In

The 30 Day FOSS Challenge - A challenge I've issued to myself and anyone else that would like to participate asking you to reduce your reliance on proprietary software and technology.

St. Louis Urbanist - My local urbanism advocacy group. We push for a better built-environment that is less car dependent and more accessible and equitable for all citizens.

Agora Nomic - A game/community where I run the website, moderate the discord, and track some gameplay stuff as well as often writing proposals for new gameplay.

Contact Me & See What I Have To Say

On mastodon, I'm

I also have an ocassionally maintained blog.

Finally, there will eventually be more things here.